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By Mrs Pink Parrot, Mar 14 2015 07:51PM

Well, at least I can feel it in the air, cool but determined...

And to celebrate the end of the long cold winter nights, here some light touches of colour to bring us in the mood - the new Spring collection of Stag Heads!

Yes, it's possible! Check out the new arrivals 'Lemon', 'Rose', and (my personal favourite) 'Mint'!

Enjoy :)

Ira Xx

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Mar 9 2015 09:30PM

Good day All!

Just a quick note to announce the official arrival of the new Stag in the heard 'Carnival'!

You'll find him in the shop, shining brightly and bringing some well-needed sunshine to the last grey days of this past winter...

I'm still trying my best to import the larger version of stag heads, and cannot wait to give you some more news soon!

Until then,

Lots of love,

Mrs Pink Parrot X

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Jan 22 2015 01:45PM

Gosh, I'm feeling very creative and upbeat about the new Year! How abaout you Guys?

I've got so many ideas on what to do, my head is spinning!!

To start us off, I have uploaded a couple of new Stag head designs, amongst them 'Nigh Glow', a glow-in-the-dark Stag! Now you can't tell me you've ever seen THAT before hey?

Also' Flash', the all-silver beauty, 'Nightsky' in his elegant Russian dark-blue, and a new silver-antlerd version of 'Noir'.

I am also putting all efforts to import further Large Stags YEAY! It will be a while, and it's not straight forward, but lots of you are asking for the big brother, so bear with me, I'm working on it :)

Additionally I have aquired a beautiful chair that is in dire need of upholstery, something I have never done before, and I can't wait to get started! (If you have any tips I'll gladly receive them!)

Will update soon on all my little projects,

Ta da,

Ira X

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Dec 26 2014 02:03PM

To all my Parroteers, I am wishing you a Merry Xmas and a happy and healthy new year 2015!

I hope Santa has been good to you all, and all your dreams have come true.

The Pink Parrot has managed to move cages / house since my last entry, and there has been no internet connection for a month! We have only managed to be connected again just before Xmas, so I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be in touch with all of you again!

These days you can easily feel like you live in Never-Never-Land, when you're struggling along by using solely your 3G mobile phone connection for the bare minimum of internet usage..... I'm so glad my trusted wifi is back :)

Having just updated the website, I can now reveal that ALL small Stag Heads are SOLD OUT!

They have been a popular Stag for all of you who wanted a piece of decoration for a small wall / corner / something to hang your keys / jewellery on, so now they're all gone!

The medium size is available as usual, and I am dying to get the large Stags back in stock, I promise nothing but hope for everything :)

So for now, I am wishing you all some peaceful and happy days (hopefully off work too), and a lovely start to the new year!

Lots of Love,

Ira x

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Nov 7 2014 09:27PM

Gosh, October has been pretty busy! You guys seem to have greeted the arrival of the new Medium Stag Heads with a lot of enthusiasm, and I want to thank you all so much!

You're making this journey a realy enjoyable one!

Then there was this ace lady who suggested to try making a Rainbow Stag Head... Crazy, I thought!!! And how much fun it was to make :) I got my favourite 7 rainbow colours together and off into the garden I went - You can see the result in my Rainbow Stag Head listing...

Soooooo, I can't wait to see what the next two months will bring - apart from Christmas that is! I have another huge order of Medium Stag heads arriving shortly, so your Xmas orders are save :)

6 1/2 weeks to the big present extravaganza - yes I know it's not all about presents, but it IS nice to get a little something - and I find it even better to give a special something to someone you love...

On a slightly sad note, my supplier has put their prices up... And I'm in the same boat as everyone else, I have to suffer the consequences.

Saying that, I have vowed to keep stag head prices where they are as much as I can - this means that although I had to increase the medium stags on my eBay portal, I have kept them just as they are on the website here!

And as you can pay in confidence using Paypal here in my shop too, the bonus of buying direct is getting even more profound for all parties concerned :)

Happy Days :)

Lots of Love,

Mrs Pink Parrot X

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