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What a nice afternoon it is today!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Apr 2 2014 01:35PM

(well, at least in South-East Cambridgeshire! Hope the sun shines on you wherever you are!)

Sorry it's been to quiet lately, I had the 1st birthday of my youngest to deal with, as well as celebrating Mother's day, all of which were joyous but time consuming occassions... So only really back to the Pink Parrot's quarters today.

Currently a large 'Sweet Dreams' Stag head is drying in my workshop (i.e. garden), ready to be shipped tomorrow morning. As this latest Stag head is going to Wales, I am proud to announce that my conquest to 'Stagify' the islands is going great! I can now claim to have served customers in all parts of GB :) - Although notably a lot of Stags are going to the Scots, I guess the hunting roots lie deep!

So a big thank you to all my customers, whichever part of Great Britain you reside in, as without you I wouldn't have so much fun & creative outlet!

Ira X

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