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There we are.... ALL GONE!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Sep 5 2014 09:14PM

Yes, my Paroteers, the sad news is upon us. All my large Stag darlings have been sold, and I really hope that they have brought (and still bring) happiness and fun into every room they are hung into!

As I have previously said, I have at present no idea where to get anymore large Stag heads from! This makes me actually quite sad! I haven't been able to do a couple of small designs on big canvas, so to speak ( I was especially looking forward to creating a large 'Rudolph' for Christmas this year! ).

I won't give up, but I cannot promise anything -

I will of course still be selling the smaller brothers and sisters of my stag heads, as well as the new range of upcycled and unique furniture pieces I feature on my site!

Here a picture of the last large Stag of the herd, off to Essex tomorrow.....

Bye bye 'Bold' XX

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