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By Mrs Pink Parrot, Jun 28 2014 08:59PM

I Love Summer! I sometimes ask myself why I am living in a country where seasons change temperatures so much, and why I am enduring approximately 10.5 months a year in dismal weather?

Well, it certainly is a big plus to have mild temperatures when you're spraying Stag Heads in your garden! And getting a tan while you're working can't be beaten :)

A little sad note for prospective customers, the summer also means that I am not going to be in my trusted studio for the next 2 weeks.... holiday beckons, and even resin stag heads need a break once in a while! So any orders placed in the first half of July will be honoured as soon as I can thereafter - I Promise I will be back with a vengance!

Another big Thank you to some recent customers of the Pink Parrot for sending me a couple of their Stag photos - I absolutely love to see the dear Deer in their new home! Check out the gallery for updates :)

I've also finally added Stag 'LUX' to the website... The lovely deep Cherry Red version has been living solely on eBay up until now, a MAJOR oversight by moi, and I profusely apologise!

And here for a fanfare......I've finally started work on my secret dream, upcycling furniture. Still doing baby steps and practising techniques, but I'm really happy with my first piece, a rocking chair. This honeyed-pine monster has been re-painted with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in 'Versaille' light green, and adorned with Mr Men decoupage, and my little boy is in love. Initially I thought of selling the rocking chair, but I may not be able to prise it out of his hands now......

Any thoughts welcome, tell me what you think of the chair please :):):)

Lot s of Love

Ira X

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