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Phew, where is MAY gone already?

By Mrs Pink Parrot, May 23 2014 08:24PM

Now, I have to admit, lots happened, and in between all of that I even found the time for a trip to the zoo and managed to see a real Parrot there. The sunshine was very much enjoyed all around, and I hope now that it wasn't the end of summer already..... I'm freezing since yesterday, terrential downpours, thunderstorms and hail, BRRRRR!

One little sad note to post today - I'm very low on large Stag heads at the moment!!! Yes, you think, this is not bad news, they're all sold! But unfortunately I haven't got an idea where the next order is coming from! I'll have to sort something soon, otherwise all dearly loved fans of the Pink Parrot are going to be left sans-Stag!

A further sad little story to share, I promise the last one, is that I received a return from my latest customer today, who bought the large 'Bubblegum' Stag head. The sculpture was completely smashed up in transit, as if Mr / Mrs delivery (wo)man had played football with it!


These Stags are my babies, I love them dearly, yes each one of them! I spend a lot of time finishing them, packaging them carefuly, and sending them off, only for some I**** to destroy them. I could hardly bear to open the parcel today.....................

I may just be tempted to change parcel delivery companies Mhmmmmm.

Ok now, sun, shine please, my tan desperately needs updating!!!

Ira X

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