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Phew! Has it been 4! days since I managed to boot up my Computer for some good ol' fashioned Blogging?

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Mar 13 2014 09:00PM

Well, firstly to say that I am sorry! Yes, I know I know there's no excuse.... But that issimply to do with the fact that I was engaged in Stag making!

The first Large customised Stag has left the building today, matched to my fab customer's Dulux colour chart and specs, I cannot wait to see a pic of it up on their wall!

Also been to a Digital workshop today, brushing up on my social media skills.... I have been one of those people who never had a facebook profile, who didn't know what Tweeting was, and how to Blog. Well haven't I come far since October! I say!!

So in the future I'll be discovering Instagram, PIntrest, Hootsuite, Google + and America. Ship Ahoy :)

Ira X

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