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Party time!!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Oct 7 2014 07:05PM

How are you all? Well, I hope!

I have some great news to add to this (far too infrequent) blogster of mine - albeit I am currently unable to obtain any large Stag heads, I have managed to furnish my shop with the new MEDIUM size :)

All updated now, fresh in from the workshop, all Stags are available in Small and Medium.

Another reason to party needed? The Pink Parrot is now a whole ONE YEAR OLD! I've made it :) Survived the ups and downs (many of the latter) that a new business opening attracts, learnt a whole lot, and I'm still here, pecking away (Pun he he!).

I couldn't imagine my life without this wonderful, small but perfectly formed business, which gives me so much pleasure, especially when I know that I forward this same pleasure with my products to all my customers :)

So, as I am feeling all sunny and fresh, I am also welcoming into the shop my new and colourful creation 'Rainbow'. Yes, this Stag head is rainbow- coloured! If THAT isn't unique, then I don't know!!!

It's my attempt to hang onto the summer a tiny winy bit longer......

Lots of Love,

Ira X

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