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New Year New Stag Head!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Jan 22 2015 01:45PM

Gosh, I'm feeling very creative and upbeat about the new Year! How abaout you Guys?

I've got so many ideas on what to do, my head is spinning!!

To start us off, I have uploaded a couple of new Stag head designs, amongst them 'Nigh Glow', a glow-in-the-dark Stag! Now you can't tell me you've ever seen THAT before hey?

Also' Flash', the all-silver beauty, 'Nightsky' in his elegant Russian dark-blue, and a new silver-antlerd version of 'Noir'.

I am also putting all efforts to import further Large Stags YEAY! It will be a while, and it's not straight forward, but lots of you are asking for the big brother, so bear with me, I'm working on it :)

Additionally I have aquired a beautiful chair that is in dire need of upholstery, something I have never done before, and I can't wait to get started! (If you have any tips I'll gladly receive them!)

Will update soon on all my little projects,

Ta da,

Ira X

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