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My fabulous partners in creative crime...

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Mar 18 2014 01:47PM

Today I wanted to send out a little Thank You to the businesses I am collaborating with! Because without their help I would reach far less of you wonderful customers, and the world would be a less colourful place...

The Wantsum Art Gallery in Birchington, Kent, has been stocking Stag heads since their opening in February 2014. Debbie & Derek there are not only running an Art Gallery & Cafe, but also creative classes from their premises. If you're from the area, or visiting the Kent coastline on holiday, why not pop in and say Hi!

The Felt Mountain Studios in Marsden, Kirklees, have also been a great partner thus far, with Steph & her family running both an online as well as (soon) physical shop selling all kinds of goodies. Can't wait to see this developing in the future!

But lastly, a big Thanks to all of You reading this very article! You are the ones who really count, the ones who make my little venture into the unknown possible! Thank you for all your kind words, feedback and support, it really makes my day :)

Ira X

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