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Merry Christmas everyone!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Dec 26 2014 02:03PM

To all my Parroteers, I am wishing you a Merry Xmas and a happy and healthy new year 2015!

I hope Santa has been good to you all, and all your dreams have come true.

The Pink Parrot has managed to move cages / house since my last entry, and there has been no internet connection for a month! We have only managed to be connected again just before Xmas, so I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be in touch with all of you again!

These days you can easily feel like you live in Never-Never-Land, when you're struggling along by using solely your 3G mobile phone connection for the bare minimum of internet usage..... I'm so glad my trusted wifi is back :)

Having just updated the website, I can now reveal that ALL small Stag Heads are SOLD OUT!

They have been a popular Stag for all of you who wanted a piece of decoration for a small wall / corner / something to hang your keys / jewellery on, so now they're all gone!

The medium size is available as usual, and I am dying to get the large Stags back in stock, I promise nothing but hope for everything :)

So for now, I am wishing you all some peaceful and happy days (hopefully off work too), and a lovely start to the new year!

Lots of Love,

Ira x

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