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Jeez, has it been this long?

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Apr 13 2014 09:14PM

Ok, I have an excuse again... I am now the proud owner of a new laptop. Nothing snazzy, you understand, but a PC running on Windows 8. Well, well, it has easily taken me an hour to find out how I can close the page I had been working on! Who thought of the idea to get rid of the X in the right hand corner? Never mind, it's up and running and I'm secretly enjoying it!

I wanted to post some more pics of my spare bedroom / studio space, which I have finally revamped and decluttered. I firmly believe that a decluttered work space equals a decluttered mind, I simply cannot work if my pencils aren't lined up... Just kidding, but yes, I NEED order. Well, I'm German after all.......

I am also debating of wether to let you in on a little secret of mine, how the obsession with Stag heads started.

Will post some pics soon on that topic, for a little sneak peak into the world of my thinking ( a strange and wonderous planet!)

Speak soon

Ira X

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