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Hello World!!

By guest, Mar 6 2014 12:11PM

This is indeed the first Blog on my website, the first I have ever written, and I have to congratulate my IT-useless self for installing it onto my website YEAH!

I hope that some of you might be interested in the inner ramblings of Mrs Pink Parrot, so I reckon that this way I can reach y'all a little better, keep you updated on what's bubling in the pipelines!

Here is goes, a brilliant and long awaited announcement! - (DRUMS)

I have just committed to buying in more stock, the LARGE VERSION of the Stag Heads on here, that so many of you have been asking me for.

Measurements are going to be 46cm high x 36cm wide, by 19cm deep, all including antlers.

This Large Version of a Stag will be a one-of-a-kind Statement Piece for wherever you chose to display it.

Not sure where I am going to store my new friends, as the attic space in our terraced house is slowly but surely running thin... (Darling, why is there a Stag in the fridge?) but I'm sure we'll manage!

Enough for now, promise I'll be back soon with more exciting news XX



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