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Good evening all!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Nov 7 2014 09:27PM

Gosh, October has been pretty busy! You guys seem to have greeted the arrival of the new Medium Stag Heads with a lot of enthusiasm, and I want to thank you all so much!

You're making this journey a realy enjoyable one!

Then there was this ace lady who suggested to try making a Rainbow Stag Head... Crazy, I thought!!! And how much fun it was to make :) I got my favourite 7 rainbow colours together and off into the garden I went - You can see the result in my Rainbow Stag Head listing...

Soooooo, I can't wait to see what the next two months will bring - apart from Christmas that is! I have another huge order of Medium Stag heads arriving shortly, so your Xmas orders are save :)

6 1/2 weeks to the big present extravaganza - yes I know it's not all about presents, but it IS nice to get a little something - and I find it even better to give a special something to someone you love...

On a slightly sad note, my supplier has put their prices up... And I'm in the same boat as everyone else, I have to suffer the consequences.

Saying that, I have vowed to keep stag head prices where they are as much as I can - this means that although I had to increase the medium stags on my eBay portal, I have kept them just as they are on the website here!

And as you can pay in confidence using Paypal here in my shop too, the bonus of buying direct is getting even more profound for all parties concerned :)

Happy Days :)

Lots of Love,

Mrs Pink Parrot X

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