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Exciting news!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Apr 29 2015 12:49PM

Fresh of the Press - Literally!

I am now listing my darlings in the fab Ernest Journal, find me in the home departement of their directory...

A magazine that is dedicated to all things arty and natural, I thought I'd fit right in :)

I'm also in Cahoots with the great Jo of 'Natty and New',

and together we designed two Stags that are exclusively found in her shop!

Check them out here :)

Now I am desperately waiting on the new delivery of LARGE STAG HEADS, it will be so Exciting to see them in Flesh and Blood! The company I have tracked down are producing them for me specifically made to my wishes, and I cannot tell you how happy I am about that! Hope to give you more details soon!!

For now, happy Stag Head hunting (only the resin type of course!)

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