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By Mrs Pink Parrot, May 9 2014 01:09PM

Hello everybody! I wanted to post a quick line to thank all of you for the customer pictures you're sending in! I love to display some of them on my gallery page, so that others can see how lovely they're looking in their new fab surroundings!

But it's also a selfish reason - I want to know my little stag heads are going to a good home, there is a little childish sense of happiness when I see the pics from you guys!


I've been overcome by my love for silver recently, and have resprayed my resident Stag head from it's previous white. There may be other colour changes in the future - maybe I go with the seasons! Could always dress him up a bit too, hat and scarf when it get's cold again he he!

But 'Bentley' is now hanging in my living room again, have a look at the pic! We're therefore exchanging end-consumer images :)


Ira X

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