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Busy Busy Bee!

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Mar 24 2014 02:00PM

Wonderful sunny good afternoon everyone!

I'm very busy here, mainly because the latest addition of the Pink Parrot's household, my little girl, is turning 1 this week! So her (but mainly her big brother) is VERY excited, and awaiting a creative cake, masses of presents and treats galore! So no pressure!

But I'm also enjoying the latest orders coming in, as I am preparing them in my garden, without the fear of frost bites! I have no studio to work from, all spray painting is done in our back garden, the finishing touches in my study (much warmer there!). So I am fully embracing the idea that summer is on his way, and that spray painting of my resin Stag heads and Room Gnomes can soon be done without wearing a tripple-layer winter jacket, 20 gloves and ear muffs! (Quite a sight he he)

To show you my 'Studio' and workings behind the scene, I have taken some photos, so have a little peak!

Ira XX

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