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A little moan (everyone needs to have one once in a while...)

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Mar 14 2014 10:16PM

Hello y'all!

I feel like a little moan, like a misunderstood teenager maybe. Hmm, so here it goes:

Lots of you Pink Parrot Fans have left me overwhelmingly great feedback when it comes to receiving your Stags. The detail and features of the head itself, paired with the customised and bespoke finishes I create, have been very well received, and I thank you for your support more than you can imagine.

There is only ONE criticism that crops up over and over again - The size of the small Stags in my shop.

A lot of you who where somewhat disatisfied with the size, have said that you were suprised or disappointed just how small the small Stag heads were. Yes, they ARE petit and elegant, but the sizes are specified in the description of the articles. I give all measurements in centimetres, I hope that doesn't confuse the Imerialists amongst you, but it's all there!

The small Stag heads are (in my humble opinion) reasonably priced, compared to other Stags of similar size to be found on the web, plus I'm pretty sure I'm one of very few if not the only business offering a customised Stag finish. But this price reflects the fact that the small Stags ARE in fact small.

They are a great item of wall decoration, or you can chose to hang items like house keys or jewellery on the antlers. However, if you want a LARGE Stag for a real statement piece, to command a whole wall and shout 'Look out, here I am!' then you need to BUY a large Stag!

Just because you are buying a resin replica of a large animal doesn't mean the piece of art is in itself large.

Phew, moan over..... I really hope I haven't put anyone off buying from me now ;)

Added is a pic to emphasise my point... There is a difference in size - and we all know size matters he he!


Ira Xx

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