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By Mrs Pink Parrot, Jan 30 2016 08:39PM

Yes, it's unbeliveable, but January is nearly over! it'll be Christmas again before we know it ;) Only kidding!

I've updated the shop with two further of my new creations, the 'Granite' Stag, and 'Dr Jekyll'. See if you can spot them!

A great big Thank You again to all my customers who have helped to keep my business growing, and allow me to have so much fun inventing my Stag designs! Looking forward to giving you many more soon Yeah!

Lots of love,

Ira X

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Jan 5 2016 07:48PM

And what a start it has been so far :) I managed to export my beautiful Stags to Germany, Portugal and Israel in January alone... And 'Uncle Sam', my fierce Eagle's head, is off to the Netherlands.

So this is really a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who make it possible, for all of you who buy or even just comment on my creatures, wishing me luck and simply making me happy!

Here's to a happy and great year for us all!

Ira X

By Mrs Pink Parrot, Dec 7 2015 09:40PM

Ho Ho Ho!

It's looking a lot like Christmas - currently 18 Sleeps to Go and counting! I am so excited - and my workshop looks like that of the elves, busy busy busy.....

Rudolph, my Red-nosed companion, is feeling festive and full of cheer looking at all your fabulous customer pictures pouring in. I've managed to update the Gallery page here to show off some of them :)

I'm also so pleased to say that i've now conquered the biggest part of Europe with my unique Stags, selling as much to the main continent as I sell here in the UK! That is such a massive compliment, thank you all!

Now, I need to put down my cup of Mulled Wine, and get cracking! Santa letters are being forwarded to the Pink Parrot HQ on a daily basis - Ho Ho Ho!


Mrs Pink Parrot


By Mrs Pink Parrot, Sep 18 2015 09:05PM

I am Sooooo excited, I can't tell you! The large Stag Heads are just beautiful! I'm dying to see which designs are going to be the first ones out of the nest...

My day yesterday was pretty special - the massive lorry turning up outside our house to offload the parcels, each and every one my baby. See those pics, that was fab!

So go ahead, take your pick, cause you won't find them anywhere else... These Stags were moulded especially for me, and I am the only one to create Rainbow Stags amongst lots of other designs, some of the best reasons I reckon!

Love from Mrs Pink Parrot XX

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